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The Notepad Chaos Blogger Template edit post

Posted by Clyde On Friday, September 05, 2008
A template created by Smashing Magazine and then ported to blogger by Gosu, Notepad Chaos gives your blog a mix between simple and beautiful.
The Notepad Chaos Blogger Template
The template is good for a creative writing, poetry blog. Its simple because of its notepad style design, but it has an attractive header image and also the headers all have a free hand writing kind of design.

Although the template does not function to its max in Opera, the date tends to disappear it works perfectly in other browsers. A search bar adorns the start of the template with three well made buttons.

A separate section for the blog title is followed by the headline of the post, the end of the post is where all the other essentials are placed. The sidebar has different widgets for every part of it that makes it quite interesting.

Download the Notepad Chaos Blogger Template
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147 Response to "The Notepad Chaos Blogger Template"

  1. Jennifer said,

    Hello, I tried to put this template on my blog but it said this to me, "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The document type declaration for root element type "html" must end with '>'."
    Am I doing something wrong when pasting the code into my blog? Thank you!


  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Do not paste the code, but use the upload button for the xml file. The upload button is located just above where you paste the code.



  3. Jennifer said,

    Thank you so much Clyde!


  4. Jennifer said,

    Hi Clyde, It's me again. :) It still didn't work for me. It said the same things after uploading it. Is there anything else I could do that you can think of? I'm just not very computer smart. Thanks again.


  5. Jennifer said,

    I got it figured out. Thanks Clyde. Sorry for all of the comments.


  6. No issue whatsoever :)

    Cheers Jen!


  7. Dreamer said,

    I'm having the same problem. How did you fix it, Jennifer?


  8. yeah how? i really want this template what do you do to fix it?


  9. okay i figured out how. download the file to your desktop. right click the file on the desktop. select extract all. then unzip the file. once unzipped open with notebook and copy paste. or atleast thats what worked for me.


  10. Eva said,

    Hi there, there date and recent post don't seem to work. Is there any errors with the code? Thanks.


  11. candyQ said,

    Hello! I just wanted to ask how do I create a link for the ARCHIVE tab? Thanks in advance!


  12. cumi laut said,

    this stuff does look neat, don't you think?

    great job!


  13. Katie said,

    I just got this theme to work on my blog but I am having the same issue someone else was...i am getting an "undefined" error where I think there should be a date. Any thoughts?


  14. Chef KK said,

    Hi, I am using this gorgeous template for my recipe blog as well, worked fine, but I didn't get to figure out why I get "undefined" on the labels left of the post...also all titles for widgets added via blogger look awful, especially the fonts...check it out at

    Not very savvy with
    any help is appreciated! Thanks!!


  15. How did you get the date and month-thingie? Mine says undefined...


  16. @ candyQ, look for the archives link in the edit html, its next to the home link and you can modify it there

    @ everyone with undefined undefined error, go to your blog settings in the dashboard, change your TIME STAMP FORMAT to Day Month and Year, it will begin to show the appropriate date instead of undefined

    @chefkk you need to put width and height attributes for the widgets you have added it should help neaten it up, but for the ones that are broader than the sidebar its not going to help...


  17. whitzard said,

    i try with all time stamp formats and keep saying Undefined :(
    Nice theme, pity isn´t working good for me


  18. I'm having the same problem with the undefined dates. Ive tried every possible configuration for the timestamp format and nothings working. Any other suggestion??


  19. Heyy

    Gorgeous template. But help - every time i try to upload it, i get a bX error from blogger. why is that? :(

    thanks in advance!


  20. FADZ said,

    If you see times as undefined , to get rid of this problem you should follow the following steps : Setting >> Formatting >> TimeStamp Format and now chose the 4th one and save it.


  21. this layout is amazing.

    i just uploaded it to my blog.
    there were problems at first, but it all worked out after editing a little, here and there.

    the home, about, and archive button works well.
    i even added a calendar.

    do check out


  22. dichess said,

    is there anyway i can upload my own header? can u create one which i can upload my own header image like those provided by blogger layout?


  23. kris_tea said,

    I love this background but I was wondering if there is a way to edit the html code in order to use the "About" link. Right now the three tabs at the top just link back to my blog. I would love to use the tabs to link to other spots on my website. I know there is a way but I'm a little ignorant on html editing. If anyone out there knows how to do this please let me know. Thanks. :)


  24. Zuhaini said,

    i did change the timestamp. worked for me! thanks FADZ! and also a big thank you to FriedClyde for a wonderfully gorgeous template..


  25. Zuhaini said,

    how do I delete "Labels"? can i..?


  26. rafi said,

    about "undefinied" - you have to change TIMESTAMP no DATESTAMP format (4th pos. in 4th row)


  27. Thanks rafi. Only your suggestion worked. All the rest were confusing. Man what a waste of time.

    Finally got it working on my site:


  28. alaska said,

    yeah, but still, the home-about-archive bottons does not work...:/ I know where to edit it, but don't know how to write teh right code. Any suggestions?:)


  29. @ Alaska

    You dont need to write code just put your links there!!!!!


  30. Hi guys, my 'recent posts' is is not working. as in, they're not showing on the post it. anyone met this problem? how do i solve it?



  31. Bridey said,

    Thanks for pointing that out! Problem solved.


  32. Raman BV said,

    Thanks to Rafi and FriedClyde. Problem Solved!!


  33. Hi i am getting this error bX-7iq6wn.. Anyone can help tx


  34. ShwariaT said,

    I am having trouble with the date, its showing me undefined. I've tried everything that is said above. Below is the date format list from my blogger:

    Jan 2, 2009
    January 2, 2009
    Friday, January 2, 2009
    Friday, January 02, 2009
    Friday, January 2
    January 02, 2009
    02, January 2009
    02, January, 2009

    Which one do i select? I have tried almost every selection. It still does not work.

    Please help me.
    02 January 2009 11:00


  35. Clyde said,

    @ all who said thanks, most welcome :D

    @ loveabound and Shwaria

    glad to see both your blogs working fine!


  36. P Freeman said,

    @Clyde I managed to define the date (thanks), but I'm still having trouble with the archive/home/about tabs at the top. I can't figure out where to put the links in the code, and I have no idea what link to enter for the 'archives' button.



  37. Clyde said,


    @ Freeman go to edit html and look for the archives and then put in your link there!


  38. Hi Clyde!

    I'm having trouble with my recent posts not showing up. How can i fix that?

    Thanks in advance for your help


  39. Clyde said,

    Hey Mommy,

    I see you managed to do it :D Cheers!



  40. i have a problem regarding to "archive", "home" and "about" button...
    cant u give me a link that i should enter for make this button working?


  41. Chrissy said,

    Hi Clyde -

    Thanks for the great template! Just new to blogging and having some trouble with it though. Figured out the date issue from previous posts... now I'm trying to figure out why all the "notes" on the right hand margin are wonky. Some of them (like links) don't even show up. Check it out and please let me know what you think:



  42. Bhavika said,

    Hey Angenz,

    Go to 'Edit Html', under the tag 'body'
    'div id='container' you will find Home, About and Archives, you just need to put the respective links there and it should be working then.


  43. Bhavika said,

    hi Chrissy, glad you liked the template. Can you tell me if you added the links in the sidebar from the page elements, if not, then you can add categories from there, it will appear.

    Even Friends and links is showing only half, coz you haven't added any link under that, go to Layout---Page Elements and add links, it will appear fully.:) This should solve the problem.

    If you don't want that section 'friends and links' then you can manually remove that image from Edit HTML.


  44. yunokisut said,

    can i add description under a title?


  45. Lisa said,

    hi Clyde, thanks so much for the easy instructions for this template..I LOVE IT!!

    i'm also having an issue understanding the instructions regarding the Home, About, Archives tabs..

    i found the text in the html code, but i'm at a loss as to what link you are talking about that i should type in there?

    for the regular blogger templates i've used in the past, the "about me" just shows up static on the page. its just there, no link..and the archives is just a widget i added...So for this new template i'm confused as to where to find this link you are asking us to type in?

    looking forward to your help!

    thanks again!


  46. yunokisut said,

    Can I add read more links on a Posting?


  47. Bhavika said,

    hi Lisa

    You can add your links there, for example, your blog url in 'Home' and your About me url in 'About' and so on. When people click on it, they will be directed to your about page or home page etc.

    I hope this helps :)


  48. Bhavika said,

    @ yunokisut - Yes you can try adding it


  49. Francesca said,

    Thank you Rafi!I've been changing datastamp for half an hour! XD


  50. Why is it that it that the background does not load up on my computer and also to some other computers...but it does load up on some computer? can you please help me with this.


  51. Weehee! Thanks for posting this! ;) and thanks for the tip about that undefined error. I experienced it too :D


  52. K said,

    I'm sure Notebook Chaos is the most beatiful of all templates!
    I read through all the comments & I have managed to figure just about everything out with the help provided but I'm still not sure how categories work.
    Can anyone help this newbie out?


  53. Jea said,

    My Friends & Links is getting cut in half, even after I have added a link. Any advice?


  54. September said,

    I'd love to be able to use this on WordPress. . .


  55. Clyde said,

    @ whack world of k,

    im not sure wat you mean, is the the home about archives link, but u seem to have everything figured out on your blog :)

    @ jea

    you need to add a link list for that one to display properly if you dont want to, you can delete it from the edit html, that part of the style sheet... :)

    @ september the template is available for wordpress heres the download link


  56. Macheco said,

    I have read all of the comments regarding getting the home/about/archives links. The responses says to go to the edit HTML under div id 'container' and "put your links there". could some one please be more specific. There is a lot of code there and since I am a novice, I am not sure exactly what "there" means. I am also not sure what you mean by "link"? Do I need to but an href tag? do I need to put the http://? Please help


  57. Alicia said,


    I want to be able to put info about me in the "about" tab. How do I do that?

    I got the tabs for the date to work and my home is for when they are on another page and want to go back to the first page and that works fine.

    I do also want to know how to get my archives in my archives tab.

    This is an awesome template and would love to show you an end result as soon as i figure these things out!

    Thanks Clyde!


  58. Coka said,

    I've had this template for a while, but now it comes up with photobucket and upgrade to pro all over the template and sidebar!se have that problem? Can it be fixed?? The template is perfect for my blog and I searched long and hard to find one that looks professional (I'm a freelance journalist, so a nice template is quite important). I don't fancy having to find another template and configure it all again!


  59. Bhavika said,

    @Macheco - Search for div id='menu-holder' in Edit Html, under that you will find a href='/' thats where you add the link of your home page, similarly for About page as well, between the two commas in a href='/' you add your about page url or link. Of course for that you will have to create your about me page, only then can you add the full link. Also you are getting an error on ur template 'upgrade your pro today' to remove those images, you need to upload the template images to an image-hosting site, like imageshack for example, then take those image links and replace all the photobucket links. easy way to do it would be Ctrl+F and keep changing them.


  60. Bhavika said,

    @ Alicia - Firstly you need to create an about page, and then put that about url in edit html right below where you added your home link.

    Do the same thing for archives as well. In case of any problem do let me know :)


  61. Bhavika said,

    @ Coka - I have answered the same above:) you needn't worry, you just need to upload all the template images to an inage-hosing site of ur choice, and take those links and replace them with the photobucket links in edit html.


  62. Tonia said,

    I am having the same problem today all of a sudden as Coka. Why do I have to do this? How exactly do I do this?


  63. Coka said,

    The zip-folder contained only the code and not the pictures in specific files. Also, I'm not good enough at html to sort it all myself! Why do these logos come up in the first place? That shouldn't happen!


  64. Bhavika said,

    @ Tonia and Coka - this problem occured coz the bandwidth exceeded of the site where the template images are saved (originally by the designer). In this case, you go to Edit Html, press Ctrl+F and search for photobucket, open each of those links in your browser, for eg there is a link for the category image - - open it in your browser, save them on your desktop and upload it on any image-hosting site like imageshack. Once you do that, you will get new links, copy each of those links, go to edit html and paste them in the same spots where you found the photobucket links. And everything is back to normal:)


  65. Lilith said,

    I had the same problem as Coka (with photobucket), so I did the tempate download again and now comes this message:
    "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The document type declaration for root element type "html" must end with '>'."
    Then I tried to do by upload but appears another message: (I'll try to translate because I'm portuguese)
    The widgets will be excluded.
    Confirm the exclusion from the items.
    All your configuration from the items will be lost.

    * Text2
    * HTML3
    * TextList1
    * TextList2
    * HTML2
    * HTML4
    * Text3

    What can I do to fixed this and get my beatifull template again???
    Please help me!
    Thank you


  66. Any tips on how to create a page so I can put the link under about? and the archives. Have figured the other glitches out, but not sure how to create pages with blogger? any tips?!


  67. Clyde said,

    If your images have disappeared re download the template file.

    I have added the images in the zip file, download it and upload the images and change the links in your edit html to the current one!

    @ Lilith.. you do not need to reupload the template, upload the images to, suppose the image is search.jpg look for it in the edit html using the search function ctrl + f and then replace the photobucket link with your new link

    You do not need to reupload your template

    @Beautyjunky unlike wordpress blogger does not allow you to create pages, you need to create the post copy the link and use that as a page...


  68. Fearce said,

    It says you have exceeded bandwidth on photobucket. could you email me or could it be that I have done something to it? Thank you


  69. Developer said,

    hello, i uploaded the XML file to my blogger successfully, but when trying to view the blog i got messages of 'Upgrade to pro, Photobud' every where on the page, i thought it is a photo link problem but i searched the photos links and found them uploaded, i searched the XML file for a word '' and result is not found, finally i found another blog that use this theme ''
    and i see the same issue happened with me.
    I really need this theme.
    Please advice.


  70. Developer said,

    thank you i solved the problem by uploading the images again to replace current photos URL with the new one, still working on customizing my blog.

    thx u.


  71. Clyde said,

    @ fearce please go tru the comments the solution is posted above

    @ need to look for photobucket and not photobud

    :) oh i see u figured it out!


  72. Blue_Rose said,

    hey.. i tried copy and paste the codes after i've downloaded them but it still did'nt turn out right.. what's wrong?


  73. Hi,

    Is there a way to put the "older post" link back onto the template? I find that as I upload more entries, my "notepad" just get lengthier.

    Is there a way to limit how many posts are shown on the front page?


  74. Clyde said,

    @ Blue rose, your blog looks perfect

    @ 1001 nights yes there is a way its under the settings tab in your blog account


  75. Thank you! It is a beautiful template!


  76. Anonymous said,

    How do i change the footer area (What is this place?)? I managed to do once but now i cant figure out what i did...
    I can only change the title in the html area but not the whole confused...


  77. I've successfully linked the home tab and created an 'About' post and linked the 'About' tab to that but how on earth do I create a page that will hold an archive of all my posts to be able to link the 'Archive' tab to?

    I know this is probably more of a Blogger technical issue than a template issue but if the template is made to be used in Blogger, these tabs should be able to function.

    Anyone found the solution?


  78. Stephanie said,

    Ok I'm a first time blogger and total novice. I managaed to figure everything out based on the comments except how do I get the little blue tool signs out that you can click on to edit out of the blog. I tried correcting it in settings but it didnt work Thanks


  79. Heather said,

    Hi! Is there any way to add more page elements to this template?



  80. I'm wondering if anyone has added the "LinkWithin" widget on their template and had it work? I"ve added it but it does not show up except on the layout page. Thanks for any info!


  81. Yasmin said,

    I understand the link for the about page, but how can you create an archive page that will automatically update on the link?


  82. Clyde said,

    @ Lou thanks

    @ Kat search for the text that you have put in the footer, this way you would be able to edit it

    @ The Noterati

    the easy solution is to link it to your older posts, the diff one is to create a page put in the article headlines with date etc in order and make it an archives page. Theres no auto archives page for blogger yet

    @ Stephanie

    only you can see those icons when you are logged into blogger, your visitors cant so dont bother removing them its for your own convenience

    @ Heather

    yes you can do it from the page layout in edit html

    @ Shay

    Never heard of it

    @ Yasmin

    read the response to Noterati, auto page is not possible!


  83. Vicky said,

    I was wondering if there a url I can add to my links section for "Follow Blog" since in this template the Navbar is gone. I know there is a way to add a RSS subscribe button, but that's not what I'm interested it.

    Just curious.



  84. Clyde said,

    @ vicky

    add the followers gadget, or get your follow blog link and try it out


  85. Vicky said,

    Ah, thank you. I thought I already tried that gadget, but I was wrong! Again, thanks!!!


  86. almajidi said,

    hey i am facing the problem of something like photobucket after i upload my templates


  87. Clyde said,

    @ almajidi

    please go through the comments above, you will find the answer


  88. Admin said,

    Hi Fried Clyde, thanks for solving 'undefined' problem.Now my blog is ok.


  89. Hi! I did the download of this template but I couldn't get the name of writers and the date. Please, could you tell me how can I do this?


  90. Anonymous said,


    I love this template to death. I've been searching for ages for one that I like because I find it difficult to post on an ugly blog.


    I have figured everything out formatting-wise except for these weird funky problems:

    1. The little circle thing that appears when the mouse hovers over the "home" link has disappeared since I added the link. Annoying. Still goes home, but I'm wondering why that quirk happened.
    2. Where exactly can I find the link to my archives? This is frustrating.
    3. What exactly is that categories gadget, and why isn't anything appearing there?

    I think that's everything. I love, love, love this template. Hopefully I can get everything working right? :D



  91. Anonymous said,

    Oh, and one more thing, how can I make all of the text that's supposed to be in the dark gray bottom box show up?


  92. Bhavika said,

    @ Lily - Hey, to answer your questions -

    1) The little circle would have disappeared because you might have removed the hover on image link for 'home'. You can add it again, go to Edit html and search for this code under 'Menu'
    #home a:hover {
    background:transparent url( 0px 0px no-repeat;
    see if the image link is the same as above.

    2) You need to create an archives page, you can put in the past post headlines with date etc in order and make it an archives page. There's no auto archives page for blogger yet. Then take that page link and add it under archives in edit html.

    3) For categories to appear you need to add labels in your post, which is missing.

    4) You have to go to Page Elements, scroll to the bottom you will see something called 'About this blog', edit that, add the text you like and delete the title from the text fits in properly.

    Hope this has been of help to you:) Cheers!


  93. Bhavika said,

    @ Francisco Pinto - you can check the above comments to fix the date in this template.:)


  94. Anonymous said,

    After a bit of tinkering, everything works fantastically. Thanks a ton. :D


  95. Bhavika said,

    wonderful, you are welcome Lily:)


  96. hi
    after i downloaded ur template it sed
    "The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


    The server did not understand the request, or the request was invalid. Error processing resource '"

    how do i fix that? please comment back thanks


  97. Bhavika said,

    @ Steller*Zeller - There seems be no problem, I just tried downloading and uploading the template, try again:)


  98. Hi There,
    I have a wee problem. The template installed great, however, I was in the layout mode of blogger and re-arranged the "gadgets" by dragging them, and now the the "Misc Debris" graphic is bumping into the "links and friends" graphic. Simple answer is to drag them all back, but that's not possible as originally in the layout area there was a "blank" add gadget area in between the "friends and links" and the "misc debris" gadgets and that is what I cannot re-create when I attempt to drag them back to the original position. I hope that was not too confusing LOL

    help please?:)


  99. chitgoks said,

    here's mine

    but i have problems. i want the post it body to be moved a bit to the right side i modified the sidebar's width to accomodate my content.

    and also i modified the timestamp display but i get undefined still.

    and which part of the code shoule be removed so that friends and links will not appear. you can see in the blog that there is a portion of the background image "friends & links" that can be seen. thanks


  100. hi.. i'm still having problem with the lower part of the design in which it was mentioned as "gosublogger" in the page element..
    it does not seem to be appeared in my blog..
    any help?


  101. Bhavika said,

    @ Unrepentant Fenian Bitch - I noticed you have changed your template, good luck with that! :)

    @ chitgoks - Did you follow these steps to get the error fixed, Setting >> Formatting >> TimeStamp Format, you dont need to change the date remove the friends & links, remove the image from edit html...which is the following code,
    #content .col02 .links {
    background:url( no-repeat 50% 8px;
    then from page elements you have to remove link list...the problem will be solved.

    @ mrhazrilyas - you can add text in the lower box, where 'what is this place' is mentioned, try refreshing the page, then at the bottom of the screen you will see the horizontal box, click edit and add your text.


  102. Anonymous said,

    hi, can u help me?
    i have been using this template and all menus/buttons working great! but suddenly today my page looking so weird, kind of the image hosting (photobucket) has problem. can u figure it out for me? i don't know how to solve it, maybe i have to upload the images to somewhere else? and replace the new link to those images? can u help me with your advise?
    thank you so much in advance!


  103. Clyde said,

    @ Hazel,

    please read through the above comments, the solution is provided there...



  104. Cindy said,

    I tried uploading images to imageshack. i copied their html code for webpages and pasted into html code in my blog. doesnt work. do we have to use the entire code from imageshack? i tried abbreviating and cutting out what i thought i needed and it didnt work.



  105. I am having major issues with this template... or maybe it is becuase I am such a newbie at this. LOL. Here is what I am trying to do:

    1. Change the words Archieve on the yellow button at the top to say "Reviews"

    2. Write a blurb about this blogg on the right hand side that will always appear.

    3. Categories: what is this and how do I use it?

    4. Friends and links: why is there only half??

    5. The bottom grey square: how do I edit the text size my qoute won't fit.

    Here is the link to my page:

    Thanks for helping me!!! :)


  106. Anonymous said,

    Hi there.

    I have recently upgraded my theme on my blog to the Magasin-Uno theme, and then edited the CSS colouring to my liking, And since then my "Followers widget" is not working, It is in fact a blank frame, also I tried adding the chat widget, Its also yet another Blank frame.

    Ive tried reloading the old theme and its the same thing, I have looked through the HTML/CSS numerous times, And cannot find a possible solution as to why my followers or most other widgets are not working.

    I really hope this can be resolved, Ive worked hard on this theme, and really don't want to resort to wordpress, Ive always been a google supporter and believe in their superior quality.

    This is my blog , I will leave the blanks widgets there for now so you can see what im talking about, I have tried uninstalling them and reinstalling them about 20 times already, but no progress.

    They always still blank frames, Nothing is viewing.

    Looking forward to a reply
    Thank you


  107. Bhavika said,

    @ Cindy - You have to use the direct link to the image in the entire link:)


  108. DJaH said,

    This template is wonderful! Thank you so much for the tips guys! :) Really cool~


  109. Holly said,

    Hi, thanks for making this great template!
    How do I add a Read More link into my posts?


  110. Clyde said,

    @ DJah

    ur welcome

    @ Holly

    follow the instructions over here to add the read more to your posts


  111. hello, i was able to finally work on the about link through reading the comments.. however, the archive? i've read somebody has the same question before.. thanks for the answer..


  112. Clyde said,

    @ Vlado n Toni

    well firstly this template was ported from wordpress, the archive link does not make sense on blogger so you can replace it with another link.

    you can find the PSD's to make a new button here


  113. Anonymous said,

    I've been using this template for a while now, and for some reason, whenever I add pictures that have transparent backgrounds to my posts, they show up with white backgrounds instead. I've been tweaking the photos by giving them a background that matches the template, but I don't want to keep doing that. Any explanation for this or a way to fix it? My site is


  114. Clyde said,

    @ Anitra

    you dont have the link at the bottom of the template, so unfortunately i cant help u


  115. i have this template and now I just have upgrade to photobucket pro all over it and i don't even have a photobucket aocount , any idea how to fix it?


  116. Clyde said,

    @ Vlado n Toni

    have solved this issue for users earlier in the comments... in short upload images and replace the image links with ur own, refer to previous comments for help and also watch the video on how to upload a template it will help with the image uploading process...



  117. can somebody tell me who to install a three column footer on this one ??????


  118. Clyde said,

    @ vikas

    in the footer area create a cross column section and then use a div and create 3 diff boxes...

    if you know css modify the stylesheet and do it...


  119. Liza Kay said,

    For some reason, my recent posts, do not show on the side.


  120. Bhavika said,

    @ Liza Kay - Just checked your blog, and your recnet posts seem to be working:) so you have fixed it...great


  121. Hi there -
    I love these templates. I've got a couple of questions about the "desktop chaos" template (very similar to "notebook chaos" and designed by the same person):

    1. I've got the date stamp figured out (ie. it's no longer "undefined") but I can't get the year (2009) to show up; how can I get the year to show up along with the month and year?

    2. Is there a way to add a widget to the BOTTOM of the page (rather than only on the side) - I'd like to put a list at the bottom of the page, and leave that information there permanently.

    3. Is there a way to change the headings (eg. "categories")

    4. I'm really confused about how to get the "about" and "home" tabs on the page at the top and I'm hoping you can explain.

    Many thanks!



  122. Bhavika said,

    @ Ruth Branson - 1) You can take a look at this video to fix that problem -

    2) Go to Page Elements, add a widget on the bottom right side and drag it at the bottom of the page.

    3) The headings in the sidebar are images, so I dont think you can change those.

    4) Refer to the replies in the above comments.


  123. Archana said,

    I saw Bhavika's comment above and added the Links below Friends and Links, but it still doesn't show completely. Please also let me know about Home, Archive and about and the undefined label on the left. Besides, tecent comments are not showing on the right sidebar.

    Thanks for this beautiful template.


  124. Bhavika said,

    @ Archana -

    Go to 'Edit Html', under the tag 'body'
    'div id='container' you will find Home, About and Archives, you just need to put the respective links there and it should be working then. Regarding the undefined error, please refer to the video below to fix it -

    This should work, cheers :)


  125. Muse said,

    Hello – I’ve just downloaded this template. Just a few things I need help with please that I didn’t see anyone else ask & can't figure out:
    1) The text for the Blog Archive for example the Year, Month and Post are over the round bullet point. I’ve selecting different archive layouts but still looks the same. It doesn’t do this for My Recent Posts or My Blog List – only for Blog Archive
    2) How can I get my header description to show up underneath the header?
    3) Is there any way to change the header font and color & also text font?
    4) on Internet Explorer, when you go to my blog (, you cannot see any of my followers but on Mozilla you can – how can I get it so its uniform for both browsers?
    5) I had a sitemeter that used to appear at the very bottom of my page before the download. I copied/pasted the necessary HTML from sitemeter but it does not show up at the bottom. After playing around with it, I got it to show up by Friends & Links. How can I get it so that its at the very bottom center of the page?

    I would sincerely appreciate any answers/help with the above.
    thanks very much!


  126. Muse said,

    Hello - I adore this template and for a novice such as myself am pretty impressed that I was able to figure out how to fix most of the issues others have been posting, etc.

    The only issue I'm having that I can't figure out how to fix is the way my "Blogger Archive" widget appears on the right. The words overlap on the blue bullet point and overall looks wierd (

    Any help/advice you have is much appreicated(you'll have to be specific with me - again - I'm quite new to XML)
    Many thanks


  127. Okay I just installed this template to my blog. I had the issue with the time stamp, but I fixed it thanks to all of the comments.

    I pretty much seem to have everything up and running with the exception of the header. All of the images above my first post are non-existent. If I hover over the links I made (Home, About Me, Archive) I can see the images, but they appear behind the link text.

    Is there some way to fix this? I'm not opposed to moving the images to my own image server, but I have no idea what image goes where!



  128. Ok I figured almost everything out... I uploaded the header image to imageshack and it worked perfectly. I did the same with the hover buttons on Recent Posts and Categories. There are still a few more questions though.

    1)Is there any way I can get a sub-heading on that brown tab?

    2)If not, how can I put static text to display before my most recent post?

    3)The text for the three links under my search bar keeps showing up. Is there a way I can get rid of this?

    Thanks again for help!


  129. Bhavika said,

    @ muse

    answers to your questions are below

    1. In the page layout section pull your archives widget to the bottom of the side bar and see if that works. If it does not, enter the edit html section look for archives and modify the values of either
    text-indent : -300em ;
    left : 214px;

    modify one at a time and preview the result

    2. Its a css change, the best would be to add a new widget above the blog post section in the page layout this would help put it above the latest post on the home page

    3. Yes you would have to modify the respective values in the edit html section

    4. I checked your blog on IE 7 and saw the 2 followers perhaps you need to upgrade your version of IE

    5. Copy the code and place it in the footer section of the blog.

    @ Persepolis

    1. Yes but its quite complex you would need to reduce your header font side, add another snippet of css to make the description show up there

    2. Look at the response number 2 above

    3. You want to get rid of the three buttons??


  130. Muse said,

    Hi Bhavika and thank you for your reply - very helpful
    I moved the Blog Archive widget and it did fix the overlap problem (the text indent and left values were the same as you suggested above). The only issue remaining is the # of posts per category and the arrows. they should all be on the same line with the Month or Year but each ends up on its own line. Any ideas on how to correct this?
    Also the links under "My Blog List" are in bold - do you know how I can make these appear in normal text? I went through my entire HTML code and wherever it had "bold" i changed to "normal" and it didn't do anything...
    Again many thanks for your help!


  131. Goddess said,

    Hey I can't upload this to my blog. Can anybody please help! I keep getting the same error message:
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.


  132. Clyde said,

    @ muse

    the blog list code will probably be using the sidebar header font size something like H2 or H3 or H4 etc for expample you need to change the calues associated to this default template....

    @ goddess

    bhagwati n bhairavi, it seems to be working fine, funny both the personalities dont seem to be technically sound :D


  133. Hello, I'm uploaded the template to my blog but the following errors occur:

    (1) Header Image is missing

    (2)"Recent Posts" title is missing

    (3) In fact, the entire top portion is missing

    (4)Links and blog description on right side is missing too



  134. RachelA said,

    I pressed download this template, but it just won't start. It stays on the same page. I right clicked to see what options there were but none of them apply to downloading pleasee.


  135. Clyde said,

    @ Chan

    please go through the comments above as the solution is available there...

    @ RachelA

    I just tried it and it works fine


  136. eDa said,

    Hi there...I am just sooo in love with this template! can anybody help me the "Recent Posts" does not appear on my blog. The image is there, but the links does not appear. Please please please help!


  137. Clyde said,

    hey eda,

    it seems to be working fine on your blog,

    i just took a look at it



  138. hi

    please see my link below …. there are couple of queries that i had:

    (1) How & Where do I change the font type and size for the widget title “Radial Clock”?
    I want to use a font called “Reenie+Beenie” found in the google api font directory.
    I tried most of the instructions mentioned in the faq but it didnt work out. would really appreciate if you can help me on this.

    I also want to change the blog title font size and type as well. Preferably into the ones which are provided in the categories,page, etc background gifs

    (2) I want to extend the notepad background to have more space for my blog posts while the width for the other 2 columns remain the same. I tracked down something called ‘blog’in the html text and tried changing the width but then the top portion of the notepad didnt get widened. Havent still figured out how to do that. Please Help !!

    (3) we do not have the new post & dashboard links that we would otherwise have in the classic blogger template. wish i could have that. please help

    (4) There seems to be some bug with the friends and links section – cant figure out for the life of me. man i feel so helpless. please help me again

    (5) the attribute section at the bottom of the page … i need to extend or reduce the font size there…. too much of stuff and really does not look neat.

    (6) finally i really like the way in which they have put icons hanging on the side of the bottom attribution bar and how i can navigate to the respective sites of the icons by clicking on them. How can i customize my own icons over there and can i remove those icons. since you created them, hope that is fine.

    Request you to kindly answer my queries. got my hands dirty as much as i could, but to no avail. would really appreciate some professional help on this .

    thanks in advance


  139. Clyde said,

    @ Shiro

    im going to ask you to give me 2 questions that you want answered desperately and ill help you with those

    let me know your choice..


  140. Carrie said,

    Trying to download this templateby using the above download button. It downloads the files to my computer, but when I click on the zip file, it just says connecting . . . and is getting no closer to opening anything. (I see all image files have been downloaded to the computer too.) I'm completely clueless when it comes to this stuff. Should I expect this to take a long time? Is there a trick to downloading or accessing the downloaded template?


  141. Clyde said,

    @ carrie

    im not sure what your doing, but take a look at this video that should help...


  142. Alyna said,

    Please help me :)

    this is REALLY annoying me.

    go here please:

    click on a link under "categories" notice how the text on the clicked link goes to normal/non-formatted text? it doesn't do the in the other columns (pages, recent posts).

    Compared the HTML and I can't find anything.

    help please :)


  143. Clyde said,

    @ Alyna

    hey your using a different version of this template, this one has two columns as compared to the one on this site.

    I dont know if the code is the same cause the author claims to have made modifications to the code... so I doubt I can help you

    but what i understand your problem has something to do with the sidebar link decoration... you should be able to find this is your edit html hoping your a lil html friendly now ... :)


  144. hay, this template is very nice :D


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