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Lightroom Photo Blog Template

A beautiful photo blog template that displays photos in gallery format and is available in two styles basic and advanced

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Magazine style theme adapted from wordpress

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A simple theme with a clean layout

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The Arthemia Blogger Template edit post

Posted by Clyde On Friday, September 26, 2008
One of the hottest templates for wordpress, the Arthemia template has been converted to blogger. But does it live up to its wordpress version, lets take a look at Themelib's latest port.
The Arthemia Blogger Template
Well let me say this is a very neat and clean adaptation of the wordpress version, but when it comes to the functionality the wordpress theme has the blogger version gets a 3 out of 10.

The Arthemia template for wordpress is tag based, label based for you to understand, it picks up articles from select categories for you to display. It also has a prominent display of the labels incase a user wants to see that.

Its interesting especially if your visitors want to check out a particular category, it has one main post in the header and five sub feature posts. A beautiful middle bar to display your categories of choice.
The Arthemia blogspot footer
While the blogger blog adapts the top header links, the sidebar is a single column breaking in to two parts and then finally into two. The footer is the same broken up into three columns. This template is beautiful, elegant and very professional even for blogger but as compared to its wordpress brother its far far behind.

Download the Arthemia Blogger Template
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22 Response to "The Arthemia Blogger Template"

  1. Wusama said,

    Great template. I'm using it for my blog now.


  2. 87 Makeup said,

    Hi !
    Thank you for this template. I love it. Unfortunately when I loaded it I the fonts and colors part of the edit menu went empty. How can I fix this ? Any help with this is highly appreciated


  3. Anonymous said,

    How the heck do you edit this theme for blogger? I can't figure out how to change names in the navbar or anything?


  4. Clyde said,

    @ 87, you need to change the fonts in edit html... theres no other way

    @ BKB, get into the edit html, if you have any link in the menu like the about link, search for it, cant find it expand widget templates and search again.



  5. TIGGER said,

    how do i change the title "ARAMETHIA" to another title?


  6. Bhavika said,

    hey Tigger,

    You will need to make an image or your blog logo of about 180×40 pixels, since 'Arthemia' blog title is an image. Once you make one, go to Edit Html, look for div class='left' id='logo' right below that you will find a photobucket image link, replace that with yours and save the template.:)


  7. I did this with my immage and it did not work...what can I do?


  8. I like it! and I would really like to use it, but I am struggling with a basic issue: all feeds based widgets do not work for me: all empty!
    In the layout, page elements screen if i click on "edit", all what I get is an empty popup message: "Configure feeds" ... what shall I do now?

    Thanks for your help!


  9. hello i wanna control how much parts of the post to be displayed in the home page and add a "Read the rest of this entry link" how can i do this ? ,it's only done with the headline post what about the other posts on the home page ??
    any help plz ?


  10. Clyde said,

    @ Alessandro

    sorry for the delayed response this is it

    @ Reem

    its done with all posts on the home page and you can choose as to when you want the read more link to appear as well


  11. Dav7 said,

    I am havving problem making the title posts hyperlinked when we click "older posts", and to add the JumpLink also when we click "older posts" :S


  12. Clyde said,

    @ Dav7

    i just checked your blog and it seems to be working fine even the older posts link


  13. Dav7 said,

    yes, after many hours trying some changes, I finally managed to make it work as I wanted!!

    Now I only have the bx error problem, I can't moove the widgets on the page elements :(


  14. Bhavika said,

    @ Dav7 - Blogger gives this error sometimes, what you can do is, take a backup of your template first, then try resetting all your defaults. :)


  15. Dav7 said,

    its not Googles fault because I have this problem since I installed the template, and I'v tried many browsers :(

    her's a screenshot:


  16. Anonymous said,

    i have this error too..
    can't move widget and can not save them anymore


  17. Clyde said,

    Hey Dav,

    The problem lies with your widgets, you need to go into edit html and delete all the unused widgets, back up all ur widgets before that.

    The template is fine, I have used it on and its perfect. If it doesnt work, delete all ur widgets and check, re upload the template and put ur widgets back.



  18. Dav7 said,

    thanks a lot, I did it and now its all fine :)


  19. Anonymous said,

    How do I changed the header and expand my photos like this blog: I've been using this theme for a while the thing is I can't seem to get the width of the photos right, I'd like it to be the same width as my text, pleas help?


  20. Clyde said,


    the blog u are talking about is using to host images and then placing the code in the blogpost

    and the header can be changed from ur edit html, look for the logo and then replace it with the image u want, you may need to tweak the html a bit as well, the image size and height settings


  21. wow...amazing template...verry nice...i like this template


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