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Notepad Blogger Template edit post

Posted by Clyde On Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Infocreek designed the notepad template for wordpress and blogspot at the same time, its a feminine diary theme that has three columns and bows :)
Notepad Blogger Template
The template has flowers, bows and colors that make it feminine apart from that it also has elements to make it look like a diary. It has a big space for the blog title and below that is a colorful navigation bar menu.

The headline has the post date on the right hand side with the author and the labels below it. At the end of the post the comments link floats between the two posts which are separated by the background of the template.

The two sidebars on the right of the main column start off with a search bar that is above both of them. You will also possibly find the color scheme used for the font and headers of the sidebar more for a woman. So this template could be used for a woman's personal diary.

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39 Response to "Notepad Blogger Template"

  1. Tracy said,

    I've downloaded this template to my blogger blog and love it - but I'm having a few issues.
    1) In layout one of my columns is completely blocked by one of the page elements. I can't change anything. Is there anyway to fix this?
    2) When viewing my blog it has the word "undefined" to the far right of the post title - is there way to delete it?
    3) Is there anyway to get my blogger profile to show on the page?


  2. Debra said,

    I really love this template. It looks awesome on my blog. Thanks so much!!!


  3. Grams said,

    does anyone know the fix for this:
    1) In layout one of my columns is completely blocked by one of the page elements. I can't change anything. Is there anyway to fix this?


  4. @ Tracy and Grams

    In the page editor there can be changes made for it to display properly but I really do not know how to do that.

    I have always managed to manuever by pulling n pushing the blocks without even seeing them.

    Is the undefined popping up where the date should ideally be?

    @ Debra, You are most welcome!!!


  5. hi there, i just started using this template and the undefined thing is where the date should be.

    is there a way to fix it?


  6. Aina said,

    Hey I really like your template and all, but I have problems with it, the same with @Tracy and @Grams.

    Yeah, the undefined is popping up where the date should be.It's really weird, because the demo shows a different thing.

    How do you fix it? Is there anything I can change in the edit html perhaps?


  7. Clyde said,

    Fix the undefined undefined error

    This is a case of your timestamp not matching the one required by the template.

    From Dashboard > Settings > Formatting > Timestamp Format

    This is not the same as Date header Format.

    Try changing to:
    Day of week, Month Day, Year,
    October 14, 2008

    This should work if it doesn't try another timestamp format until it appears, cheers!

    Peace n Love,


  8. Muzik Gw said,

    Hahahahaha...... yes!!!! yes!!!! its work!!! Iam succes 2 set my "undifined"..... Thanx u very much!!!! Y're da bst!!!


  9. Summer said,

    I am very frustrated... can't figure out hwo to get the blog section to stop blocking the column in the middel to I can edit... ANY ONE KNOW HOW???


  10. Czarlzk said,

    I tried all the dates I could at the Date Header Format and was getting I saw this hint, its the timestamp that should be changed. It worked!!!!!!!Thanks mate! now, how can i change that pink highlight color when i pass the mouse over the recent posts? I like the template but the pink thing is horrible! thanks


  11. azma0601 said,

    where can i find the customize button..i think it me


  12. Clyde said,

    @ Summer try another browser like Opera!

    @ Azma, what customize button? You will have to use edit html!


  13. I think I know what Azma meant! I am having a problem which is I can't find the blogger navigator bar on the top, it also include the new post, customize and so on....


  14. Clyde said,

    @ Jeanneatte

    Hey look for the navbar code in edit html and remove the part that either says 0px or invisible, this should do it :)


  15. Anonymous said,

    When signed out of blogger I test the comments and it doesnt do anything???? How do I fix this? Thanks


  16. Anonymous said,

    It is okay I got it now thank you sooooooooo much for this template great work!


  17. How do I change the font and its size? Thx.


  18. Bhavika said,

    Hi Kotak,

    Font you can change from Layout-Fonts and Colours, while the size can be altered from Edit HTMl, depending on what eactly you want to change.


  19. Once more, how can I add the calendar? :D Huge thx.


  20. n4sh said,

    I have the same UNDEFINE problem... but it was gone when i saw your post... thank you! luv lots. hehehe....


  21. Grumpy said,

    I just added my own calender wiget as It didnt work for me either. I would like to know how to get the comment iamges to work or do they just work in wordpress or at all?


  22. amura said,

    Thanks for sharing. I really like this template and I'm using it for my blog.

    How to change font type for name of your blog (Header)?


  23. eunice said,

    Thanks Clyde.
    My undefined date is fixed! :D


  24. THANK YOU Clyde!
    I used this template and got the 'undefined' and even though I totally removed it and revamped my blog, I could never get the undefined to go away. i found this page in an attempt to figure it out, and I am all fixed. thank you SO MUCH!


  25. lalaacoo said,

    Thanks Clyde~~

    i fix the 'undefined'


  26. hi,
    i love that template and now use it for my fictional diary blo. i had the 'undefined'-problem as well and thank you guys so much for helping me getting rid of it.
    i changed the date format etc and it worked. then i got into the css and changed the width and then the font color matching the background, so the time and date stamp disappeared. i dont need it, because the post title is already the date...
    so thanx for help etc


  27. Anonymous said,


    I love this template and I am currently use it in my blog...However,I would really like to know if I could get the "quick edit" icon (you know, the small pencil icon that) to show up someway?


  28. Clyde said,

    @ Emmeline,

    your most welcome... :)

    @ Eva

    Yes you can get the pencil icon to show up take a look at this page


  29. Ariadna said,

    Great template! Thanks!

    Do you know why, in comments area, photo does not appear? How to change it?


  30. Clyde said,

    @ Ariadna

    youll find the answer to that over here


  31. When viewing my blog it has the word "undefined" to the far right of the post title - is there way to delete it?


  32. Clyde said,


    hi, watching the video below will solve your problem, cheers


  33. I am having trouble with the comment section. It does not work. How can I fix this?


  34. Bhavika said,

    @ Italian Surname Database - Please refer to the above reply to fix the comments.


  35. RVH said,


    I am unable to have my readers post comments in this blog template. Earlier blogger template allowed the comments to be posted. Kindly help.


  36. Clyde said,

    @ RVH

    take a look at this video it should help you out


  37. Moumita said,

    Loved this template, and fixed "undefined". Thanks a lot.

    I have the same problem as Kotak and Grumpy, The calendar does not show on mine too. Please help.


  38. yurika said,

    Great Template, loved!


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