Blogger Store

Created for bloggers who want to start an e-commerce or shopping site, Blogger Store is a professional looking template compatible with Paypal or Google Checkout

  • Animated shopping cart
  • Dual dropdown menu bar
  • Automatic featured content carousel
  • Grid and list style post view
Blogger store shopping blogger template

Lightroom Photo Blog Template

A beautiful photo blog template that displays photos in gallery format and is available in two styles basic and advanced

  • Switchable background
  • Attractive theme font
  • Integrated social media icons
  • Left sidebar and navigation menu
Lightroom Photo Blog Template


Magazine style theme adapted from wordpress

  • Featured slider section
  • Dual menu bar
  • Tabbed widget
  • 4 column footer
Magpress Magazine style Blog Template


A simple theme with a clean layout

  • Full width featured slider
  • 4 column footer
  • Social widgets integrated
Sens Blogger template

Pop Out Social Bookmarking Widget

A nice-looking pop out social bookmarking widget that allows readers to share their favorite post easily

  • Neat display
  • Easy to install
Add pop out social bookmarking widget for blogger

Mind Break 3 Column Blogger Template edit post

Posted by Clyde On Tuesday, January 29, 2008 1 comments
Here's another template ported for your new blogger that loves XML called Mind Break. Unfortunately it has no frustration showing on the template to match its name, it would probably show up on a lot of blogs after Google updates PageRank.

This template was designed by ItsNature and ported to blogger by Erica Akira.
Mind BreakApart from the name this template is elegant, sleek and gives your blog a professional look. The color combination may need to be changed if you need it to look absolutely professional but this is quite good.

The template that was on demonstration had the search icon missing which may be the same problem in this one, you can easily replace that if you have a problem get back in touch with me.

Download the Mind Break Blogger Template

She's Got Style edit post

Posted by Clyde On Tuesday, January 29, 2008 3 comments
Beginning to feel that there are very few if any templates created specifically for blogger, as most of the templates here have been ported from wordpress including this one. This two column, fancy, fashion and femme, originally developed by Grab a Theme based on a design by Sweet Melancholy and now ported into new blogger beta version by Erica.Shes Got Style Blogger TemplateThis template is definitely targeted at woman bloggers. I find the column area rather small and needs to be expanded. Its pretty simple if you need to do it.

The image definitely gives the blog a very stylish feel, apart from that there are only two usable columns on the right hand side. The template works fine on blogger but you may not be happy with the overall structure as it really does not make use of all the space on the page.

Download She's Got Style Blogger Template

Red Magazine Style Template edit post

Posted by Clyde On Tuesday, January 29, 2008 0 comments
This is a template that will push the capabilities of your blogger blog to the maximum. You can add elements almost everywhere on this wonderful template. Its especially recommended for people who have a lot of content to showcase. Once again this was a wordpress blog created by Milo and ported for blogger by Jacky.Red Magazine Style Blogger TemplateIf you take a look at the demonstration here you will be able to get a feel of the blog and the possibilites of adding various elements to so many different sections. Take a look at the screenshot of the add a page element section that this template provides.Red Magazine Style Screenshot of Add a Page ElementSo now you know the flexibitiy this template gives you, it enables you to make maximum use of ever pixel space on your blog.

We will be using this template for one of our blogs, but since we have not yet begun to work on it would not post the link here. I have also added all the images and scripts which you might have to host on your googlepages to make sure it works perfectly.

Also for the first widget thats the menu buttons you need to have to have the code as it is in the box below.

For the footer you will need to place the below code as it is in the box.

Download Red Magazine Style Blogger Template

The O2 2.0 Blogger Theme edit post

Posted by Clyde On Tuesday, January 29, 2008 4 comments
The O2 2.0 blogger theme is originally a wordpress theme created by eches. Its an absolutely fantastic theme and I am glad that it was made available for customization.

The O2 blogger skin was then ported by blog and web, I came across the skin on magazine network. The beautiful skin is very well designed especially when it comes to color coordination.
O2 2.0 Blogger TemplateYou can see how this template looks on blogger by clicking here for a demonstration.

Take a look at the date section and the the headers, the back ground of the links just under the header matches with those of the sidebars. A very neat search bar has been flushed towards the left of the header.

This theme is refreshing and if you look closely you can also see how well the stripes have been balanced throughout the template.

Download the O2 2.0 Blogger Skin

Erudite 2 Column Blogger Template edit post

Posted by Clyde On Saturday, January 26, 2008 1 comments
The Erudite two column template was originally created by Perfect Blogging and the XML version by Gecko & Fly just like the Erudite three column blogger template.
Erudite 2 Column Blogger TemplateThis version of the Erudite template looks better and more appealing than the three column version. The three column version seems to be stretched which can be clearly seen in the car image.

This template also does not seem to have the padding problem that the three column version has, of course, that can be rectified as well. If you like this blogger template the download links just below.

Download the Erudite 2 Column Blogger Template

Erudite 3 Column Blogger Template edit post

Posted by Clyde On Saturday, January 26, 2008 5 comments
Erudite is a rather open style blogger template, if you take a look at the demo over here, you will notice the border of the main container vanishing into thin air, which I feel is a problem with the sidebar padding. The image of the car is elegant, which makes it a default contender for an auto blog.
Erudite 3 Column Blogger TemplateBut you can change the image to suit your needs, it provides a nice feed icon that can float links over the header image in a nice opaque container.

This blogger template was originally created by Perfect Blogging and the XML version by Gecko & Fly.

You may face a problem where the sidebar drops down on the addition of a widget, you need to go to the edit html section, expand widget templates and remove this code < b : include name = 'quickedit' / > from the widget you had just added.

The Erudite blogger template is also available in a two column version.

Download the 3 Column Erudite Template

iWork for Blogger edit post

Posted by Clyde On Saturday, January 26, 2008 12 comments
iWork is a two column wordpress template designed by Nicola Di Trento that was recently converted to blogger by Jacky Supit. The template is extremly elegant and looks good for a blogger who blogs from office.
Its a professional looking template that has a clock and iphone in the background. Its got css buttons on the top right that can be modified to suit your needs. Just below the buttons the yellow post it gives this blog template a very friendly warm feeling.

You can see the how this template looks on blogspot over here.

Template Installation Instructions:

  • Before you use the template make sure you upload all the files provided in the zip folder onto a file hosting service such as google pages all then replace the links in the template with your own links

  • Make sure you have atleast 2 HTML/Javascript widgets for this template to function properly.

  • Take a look at the comments below.

Download the iWork Blogger Template

Three Column Blogger Templates edit post

Posted by Bhavika On Saturday, January 26, 2008 9 comments

Three Column Blogger Templates edit post

Posted by Bhavika On Saturday, January 26, 2008 0 comments

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