Blogger Store

Created for bloggers who want to start an e-commerce or shopping site, Blogger Store is a professional looking template compatible with Paypal or Google Checkout

  • Animated shopping cart
  • Dual dropdown menu bar
  • Automatic featured content carousel
  • Grid and list style post view
Blogger store shopping blogger template

Lightroom Photo Blog Template

A beautiful photo blog template that displays photos in gallery format and is available in two styles basic and advanced

  • Switchable background
  • Attractive theme font
  • Integrated social media icons
  • Left sidebar and navigation menu
Lightroom Photo Blog Template


Magazine style theme adapted from wordpress

  • Featured slider section
  • Dual menu bar
  • Tabbed widget
  • 4 column footer
Magpress Magazine style Blog Template


A simple theme with a clean layout

  • Full width featured slider
  • 4 column footer
  • Social widgets integrated
Sens Blogger template

Pop Out Social Bookmarking Widget

A nice-looking pop out social bookmarking widget that allows readers to share their favorite post easily

  • Neat display
  • Easy to install
Add pop out social bookmarking widget for blogger

BloggerPress Theme edit post

Posted by Bhavika On Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Insight has designed some really unique blogger templates. This one is Bloggerpress, a 2 column magazine style theme with a neat layout.
Bloggerpress template
Blogger Press starts with the menu bar on top where you can display your 'Home', 'About', 'Contact' links etc. The header space has been used for the blog title, tagline, search box on the right, and a slider to highlight relevant posts. The image size for the slider should be 150 x 100px. Go to Layout--Edit Html and search for the following code -

<div class = 'panel' id = 'panel_1'>

Then you need to add your post link and image url in the code mentioned below -

<div class='panel' id='panel_1'>
<div class='inside'>
<ul class='gallery'>
<li> <a href=' POST LINK'> <img alt='Image 1'src=' IMAGE URL'/> </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=' POST LINK'> <img alt='Image 2'src=' IMAGE URL'/> </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=' POST LINK'> <img alt='Image 3'src=' IMAGE URL'/> </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=' POST LINK'> <img alt='Image 4'src=' IMAGE URL'/> </ a> </ li>
</ ul>
</ div>
</ div>

Below it the latest post is highlighted in a horizontal box, with the headline, summary, automatic image and the read more link. While the remaining posts are displayed in a vertical box format that includes the image, short summary of the post and read more link.

The sidebar starts with the About Me section, and you can insert additional blogger widgets that goes well with your theme. Bloggerpress also has a 3-column footer space to include more features. Overall its a nice template, more like a wordpress theme packed with features.

Download the Bloggerpress Template
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13 Response to "BloggerPress Theme"

  1. addiehf said,

    amazing themes,i'll used it for my photoblog :D


  2. this is beautiful, thank you for the template, I'll use it, thank you very very much


  3. this is so beautiful template, i'll use it, thank you very much and please visit my blog (indonesian)


  4. I really like this layout but it only worked properly on the first day I had the layout.

    After that it went haywire a little bit in the sense that the images in the slider became oversized and the posts in the individual boxes overflowed when it is supposed to be within the 'read more' page break feature.

    Could you help me troubleshoot this problem? I did not change a single thing but it just 'automatically' went off the next day after I uploaded the layout.

    Thanks for your kind assistance.


  5. yup, it is so cool. Great...but how to configure the slider for panel 2 using my own images.
    My scroll button is not working....

    i think my slider.js is not working in order to get file from googlecodes/files given. Can someone advice me here...tqvm..


  6. Anonymous said,

    Wonderful template, but how can I make the pictures sliding since I've put more than 4 pictures instead?


  7. I like the design, but I dont like the vertical posts. There is too low space on blogs, so I wonder how to make it wider.


  8. Clyde said,

    @ everyone whos having problems with their slider

    you need to download the .js files and upload them onto your own server....that is the best option


  9. Anyone know how to just use this Templates post setup with one primary and then the older ones listed in 2 columns underneath?


  10. Clyde said,

    @ Peace Lutheran Church

    it happens automatically you don't really need to do anything to get it functioning how its displayed in the image..


  11. Sara said,

    I know I'm really blond, but how do I get this on my blogger? I haven't ever done this before!!


  12. Clyde said,

    @ Sara

    this video should help you

    once your done with the video do follow the instructions in the post as well, need more help comment again, cheers


  13. Thanks for the great layout. I had trouble with the JS files myself, but was able to solve it by hosting them at Google Code.

    So for those of you who would like to use it, feel free to do so by going to Google Code and searching for "jsbloggerpress". All three scripts are there for you to link from.

    If you want to take a look at those scripts in action, just visit and view the source codes. You can then just copy and paste the three lines of JS embed codes if you can't figure out how to link from Google Code itself.


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