Blogger Store

Created for bloggers who want to start an e-commerce or shopping site, Blogger Store is a professional looking template compatible with Paypal or Google Checkout

  • Animated shopping cart
  • Dual dropdown menu bar
  • Automatic featured content carousel
  • Grid and list style post view
Blogger store shopping blogger template

Lightroom Photo Blog Template

A beautiful photo blog template that displays photos in gallery format and is available in two styles basic and advanced

  • Switchable background
  • Attractive theme font
  • Integrated social media icons
  • Left sidebar and navigation menu
Lightroom Photo Blog Template


Magazine style theme adapted from wordpress

  • Featured slider section
  • Dual menu bar
  • Tabbed widget
  • 4 column footer
Magpress Magazine style Blog Template


A simple theme with a clean layout

  • Full width featured slider
  • 4 column footer
  • Social widgets integrated
Sens Blogger template

Pop Out Social Bookmarking Widget

A nice-looking pop out social bookmarking widget that allows readers to share their favorite post easily

  • Neat display
  • Easy to install
Add pop out social bookmarking widget for blogger

Futebol Blogger Theme edit post

Posted by Bhavika On Monday, September 28, 2009
If you are a football lover and want to write about it, then Template Futebol is the perfect theme for you. Its a 3 column template, that's an original creation of Templates Novo blogger.
Futebol Blogger Template
Its a professional looking theme that has an interesting layout. The header includes a horizontal menu bar to add your categories, the image of the grass and football looks quite nice. Below it is the search box, drop-down menu for post labels or tags and the subscribe icons.

To activate the search form, find the following code in Edit Html and add your blog url.

<div id='subnav'>
<div id='subleft'>
<form action=' BLOG URLsearch' id='search' method='get'>
<label class='hidden' for='s'> Search: </ label>
<input id='subsearch' name='q' type='text' value=''/>
<input id='subsubmit' type='submit' value='Go'/>
</ form> </ div>

The main column appears in a different format. Here the last published post is highlighted in a bigger box and summarized automatically with a larger image than the other posts.

Whereas the rest of the posts appear automatically in smaller boxes in a summarized format with thumbnail images. The boxes have rounded edges which are not visible in Internet Explorer. The sidebar on the left can be used to place additional blogger widgets.

Download Futebol Blogger Template
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21 Response to "Futebol Blogger Theme"

  1. Artigos Relacionados how can change this


  2. Bhavika said,

    @ SAMVET SVAR - Hey, that means related articles, search for those words 'Artigos Relacionados' in Edit Html and replace it with Related Posts or Related Articles.:)


  3. fgonz8 said,


    I would like to see more than the principal and other six entries at the initial page.

    How is possible to change the number of articles-thubnails- by page?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. hi i love this template but could you please tell me how to put the tabs on at the top

    where you have HOME ETC...


  5. Clyde said,

    @ live football

    go to the edit html, search for the tab like "home" etc and replace it with your link and text



  6. Clyde said,

    @ fgonz8

    pass me your blog url


  7. Petra said,


    I am currently using this template on my blog:

    I think it’s fabulous, I like it very much, but I need some help.

    I could pretty much edit everything the way I wanted but I have problems with the post numbers per page.

    I set it for 12 posts per page (in Blogger formatting settings), but there’s no more than 7 appearing, and the number of posts are inconsistent, it is changing with every page.

    Can you please help me fix it? I tried to look around in the CSS but I have no idea where can I change those settings.


  8. Clyde said,

    @ Petra

    I see you removed the footer link from the template, unfortunately I wont be able to help you with your problem, sorry!


  9. Petra said,

    @ Clyde

    I downloaded the template from another site so the link in the footer points there. Should I change it?


  10. Clyde said,

    @ petra

    hey im sorry din't know u downloaded it from somewhere else, no need to make any changes, just let me know how if you still need help...


  11. Petra said,

    @ Clyde

    Yep. It is still the same. I set the post number per page but the layout doesn't react the way it should.

    If anybody else uses this template, please contact me. If I can put my hands on a code which works perfectly, maybe I could find a solution.


  12. Petra said,

    I downloaded the code from here too, and I am trying to find the source of the problem. Can you tell me where I should search?


  13. Clyde said,

    @ petra

    i just downloaded the code and tried it, its working fine

    all you need to do is go to dashboard > settings > formatting

    there you can see first option show at most, select a number there... if you select 2 then u get only 1 white box as one goes in the featured post , so if you want 2 white boxes select 3 , want for then select 5 etc...

    let me know if you need any more help...


  14. I quite like the layout of the template and wouldn't mind exploring the option of using it on my Blog:

    But I'd like to be able to keep my background image (the floodlights) as it has become the recognisable feature of my blog that I also use for my Blog's Facebook and twitter pages.

    Is there anyway of using the layout but at the same time keeping my background pic?


  15. Clyde said,

    Hey Paul,

    You can definetly do that, the thing you would need to do is resize your existing image to match with the one in this template and then just put the link to the image you want into this template



  16. Jessica said,

    I was wondering if there is any way to have the summary posts reflect any sort of page break?


  17. Clyde said,

    @ jessica

    yes there is, you can use a tiny image at the end of the summary like a border or something


  18. pavlos21 said,

    hey clyde, look at my blog can you see these tinypic messages? how can i get rid of them? I also want to install a whole-blue backround but i dont know how....thanks a lot


  19. Clyde said,

    @ pavlos21

    you dont have the same theme anymore, for future remember that tinypic images mean the images hosted on tiny pic have been removed, so you need to re upload them somewhere else




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