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Blogger Tube a Super Video Blogging Template edit post

Posted by Clyde On Monday, September 28, 2009
We are proud of Dante Araujo who has created the first video template for blogger, blogger tube!
Blogger Tube
Blogger never really had a design meant for blogs that were dedicated to hosting video, but that has changed now and video hosting sites on blogger have not got a make shift design but a fully functional elegant design that looks extremely professional.

Now if we move from the looks to just talking about features this template is going to blow you away. All you need is the url of the youtube video and you are ready to go. The template then automatically generates the video thumbnail as well as the featured slider on top, cutting down on a lot of manual work.

Blogger Tube instructions There have been lot of complaints on the thumbnails and the slider not working properly, but it has been fixed. Go to Edit Html, search for these codes -

Download them and upload it on a js hosting service of your choice, and replace the code with the new one.

Apart from that the template also embeds the video on the post page, with a size that fits the width of the page automatically, which is just freaking awesome! This template also has an inbuilt video rating system where your viewers can inform you as to how much they enjoyed each video.

To get this template working is rather simple, in every post you will see this code. "endofvid" [starttext] [endtext]

"endofvid" : This command tells the template that your video URL has finished, so you need to paste your URL just before it, without any spaces!

[starttext] and [endtext] : These are your post content wrapper, all the text that you would like to add to the post or pictures any content has to be between these two commands. If you happen to put anything out of these two lines, it will not show on your post.

So your post page should look like the image below.
setting up blogger tube, video blogging template
Remember this template is built for YouTube, so other videos cannot be automatically embedded am not sure if its possible either. But Dante states he will be working on one for all kinds of videos. Till then if you like this theme go ahead and download it from the link below!

Download the Blogger Tube Template
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147 Response to "Blogger Tube a Super Video Blogging Template"

  1. There is an error while loading the XML file of this theme...It says that the template is not well formed...Can you help me??


  2. your xml is not well formed.


  3. Lily said,

    oh wow! that's perfect for youtubers like myself who wants to mix my blog and youtube together!


  4. Pavan Rox said,

    this is great but, the videos are not playing in the player area. and i dont know how to make next and previous buttons work. plz help me


  5. Clyde said,

    @ Junnjun @ Mathematicus

    I fixed the error do upload it again!


    Glad you like it

    @ Pavan

    Can you leave me your blog link so i can have a look at it..


  6. Anonymous said,

    Hey, just wondering how to interact with the "contact" and "about" tabs on top.


  7. Clyde said,

    @ GK

    if you cant find it in the page layouts you will find it in the edit html..


  8. Blaze said,

    how can i upload my own videos into this template. i tried using the option to upload the video my my computer. when i post it it is blank plz help me


  9. can i use pictures instead of videos for this theme?


  10. Bhavika said,

    @ Blaze - You need to upload the video on Youtube and follow the instructions given in the above post:) Its pretty simple. Good luck with that!

    @ Wallpaper World - This template is specifically designed for videos, for photos you can take a look at some of the photo templates on this blog -


  11. Admin said,

    Cool template man. But the "recent videos" widget not working! (( It reads from RSS but that is all code


  12. I don't seem to be able to get the images of my youtube video to come up on my blog...please help.


  13. indiecrew said,

    what wrong with this blog?


    can anyone help me??


  14. vls said,


    Love your template,

    How do I get the recent videos to work.



  15. Bhavika said,

    @ Admin and vls - for the recent videos widget to work, go to your Page Elements section, click on edit HTML and the widget called "Recent Videos" and paste the following code inside:

    <script style="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script style="text/javascript">
    var numposts = 5;
    var showpostthumbnails = true;
    var displaymore = true;
    var displayseparator = true;
    var showcommentnum = true;
    var showpostdate = true;
    var showpostsummary = true;
    var numchars = 50;
    <script src="/feeds/posts/default?orderby=published&alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentpostswiththumbs"></script>
    <div class="clear"/></div>


  16. Bhavika said,

    @ Hello There!

    This template automatically creates a thumbnail out of your video, and shows it only on your home page...ensure that you have entered the code mentioned, of "endofvid" [starttext] [endtext], in the above post properly.

    @ indiecrew - pls follow the instructions given in the post i.e the code you need to enter in each post, since the slider feature is automatic.


  17. The slider feat. is not working.. please help.


  18. Clyde said,

    @ PrettyGirl

    why are your video images not showing in the thuimbnails... i think thats the problem..


  19. Geek said,


    I've been using blogger tube for a few days and it was working perfect. but a couple of days ago the slider and the Recent Videos widget stopped working.

    I've no idea what has happened to it. I checked all the solutions in all the posts about the blogger tube on any website but its not helping me

    please help me about it I love this template and I don't want to change it due to this problem otherwise I'll have to delete this blog or reformat all the posts in it.

    here is the blog

    Thanx Alot


  20. hi

    feat vidz isn't working for me either...


  21. There is some problem with the xml code of this template. The endofvid does not appear in the new post enter.
    The videos do not appear and do not work.
    They only appear as thumbnail.
    The arrows are outside the video box.
    Help me, please.


  22. Hi, can you please tell me how to get automatic slider working?? look at my site Please tell me!!!


  23. Clyde said,

    @ everyone

    this template is perfect

    follows these simple instructions

    1. Download the template
    2. Watch the video on how to upload a custom blogger template, this will teach you how to upload images and javascripts

    3. Check and see if your blog has all the links replaced and now look for

    <script src="/feeds/posts/default?orderby=published&alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentpostswiththumbs"></script>

    4. Replace /feeds/posts/default with and this is how your slider will start working and the recent u have to do this in multiple places

    5. Everything should be working fine! If not check if you have messed up once again and then leave a comment :D


  24. Great template. How do I add more columns at bloggertube header and footer? I want to add more gadgets..


  25. everythings fine except for the slider??? anyone please


  26. Clyde said,

    @ Yuppie

    look for the section in edit html and change the maxwidgets to a higher number and showaddelement='no' to yes... then u can add them from the page elements menu

    @ kick ass blogger

    please read the comment above with the 5 points..


  27. Thanks Clyde!! Now how do I get rid of the red and grey template Color? I have already changed the background color.


  28. Clyde said,

    @ yuppie girl

    if im not mistaken, most of the colours are based on the in the style sheet open the images individually....see where they are in the template and accordingly change the image colour, upload it and replace the link with the one thats already there


  29. thanks clyde it working perfectly now.. also just want to add adsense units under each post.. any idea?


  30. I'm still having problems getting a video to show in the main area on the homepage between the slider arrows. Can anyone help? Or anyone else having this problem?


  31. Bhavika said,

    @ Kick Ass Blogger - You need to create an ad unit of 336x280 from your adsense account, select the link colours as per your choice, then generate a code, copy that code, and paste it in this parser -

    since blogger doesnt accept it without the code getting parsed...then copy the new code, go to Edit html and paste it under -
    <div class='post-body'>

    @ The Underground - please read the above comments, the solution is mentioned in the post.:)


  32. este template es el mismo pero FUNCIONA EL SLIDER descargalo en
    no olviden poner en las entradas


  33. Vanness said,

    template not work on IE

    pls, help!


  34. RAJ said,

    Hai friends this template is not working in Internet Explorer 6.o


  35. The auto slider is not working. I am trying to run through the 5 point steps above. But I dont even see that code in my html box. This is a code I have that looks smilar to that...

    <script src="/feeds/posts/default?orderby=published&alt=json-in-script&callback=showgalleryvideo"></script>


  36. Clyde said,

    @ IE users, switch to

    @ Manna

    <script src=" PUT UR BLOG URL HERE like .........


  37. Hi,
    I just now downloaded this template. Its NOT working fine for me.
    I have following concerns
    1>I cant find the word "endofvid" in my posts.
    2>No video is being played. Its blank
    3>Should I add the HTML link or Embed code from Youtube?
    Please help.


  38. i done everything before i slider is not working. but everything else it is will some one help me please.thank you in advance.


  39. Ok, I had made all diferent kinds of things following your tips for making the slide and recent videos get to work, and nothing. I had check again and again what I did and how I did it. So pls, before u said "its easy, just copy-paste" or "replace this with that" take the time to check what u did to get it work, step by step, where u change things and else. Cuz I think its incredible that for a lot of people its not working. Most of the URLs leaved here from other users in their comments had anymore the blogger tube template, that means they never get it to work.

    If u could do a vid from cero, from a blog with total diferent kind of template and turn it to blogger tube it would be great.



  40. plz help me . my slider is not working. i also have do this step (4. Replace /feeds/posts/default with and this is how your slider will start working and the recent u have to do this in multiple places) now what can i do so for? plz reply


  41. Lucas said,

    can you help me? The auto slider is not working too


  42. Bhavika said,

    @ Lucas, Arif Attari, π Jorge Pedrero π, BREAKFADER, Swathi Pradeep - Please download the template again, the slider works fine in the modified version. Or else you can go to Edit Html and search for this code -

    and replace it with this one -

    and the second code which you need to replace from Edit Html is -

    replace code -

    To make it slide automatically, just search for this line:

    auto: false,

    And set it to:

    auto: true

    The template should work fine:) cheers


  43. The only issue I am dealing with at the moment is getting my pages to sink up with the tabs? I saw somewhere that the pages in the sidebar have to be numbered and then correspond with numbers of tabs or something like that. can anyone help me with it. Right now I had to attach a vid to the "about me" "page" so something would show up in the player but it cannot be read on home page or in pages box. I am not giving up I have been learning code through this exercise and I am grateful I love this template so staying positive..


  44. Shreyash said,

    There is no thumbnail of video on my page its just the play button. Just see by youself :
    Please help


  45. Bhavika said,

    @ Shreyash

    please download the template from this site and then let me know if it works


  46. Bhavika said,

    @ Alannah

    Your description text below the header is too long and flows into the next part of the blog hence your blog flow is getting disrupted, perhaps you can put it in the sidebar or somewhere else


  47. @ Bhavika Thank you I took the description out. Is there instructions for "pages"? I have an "about me" page bottom right sidebar & I attached a vid so it shows up but does not "play" and does not show up as a new "page". or does blogger
    "pages" work with blogger tube template?


  48. @ Bhavika
    Thanks for the template.
    I used the latest one and even checked that i've the right JS entries and set auto to false.
    Still slider is not working for me.
    Could you please help me.


  49. I can't get the slider to work but i'm sure it was working yesterday. This is my site:


  50. Admin said,

    well one thing is sure the slider is not working as i have seen the demo also it is not working there also and i have been to dante's site he hasn't replied in the last 3 months or so....

    So how can i remove that slider to show only posts, Anyone?


  51. xxxxxxx said,

    not working....... what to do now??



    does not seem to work now as of March 19, 2010.
    google returns a 403 (forbidden) on the URL. shame on me for not copying down to one of my webservers.


  53. i noticed the video slider is down on this templete is their a fix


  54. Atropos said,

    i tested everything... but unfortunately, the slider is not going to work for me! any tips that i miss?

    ps: the slider was working Ok the past weak... and then poof... its gone!


  55. deadlink???


  56. Hey guys... I've been using this theme for a long time now, and love it. However, sometime last week, my featured player just stopped working, I didn't make a change or anything, it just seem to have stopped out of no where. Has anyone had this problem?


  57. Oh, nevermind, I found the solution to the featured slider problem on this page. thanks guys.


  58. - Hetti - said,

    @bhavika: i had follow your intruction about slideshow,,but not working in my blog,,


  59. crzyOrc@ said,

    Hi, @all I managed to fix the slider problem on BloggerTube to Download the fixed templet XML visit here -


  60. Kashyap said,

    Hi man its great template
    well its working
    check out the template live at


  61. sripeople said,

    found the solution guys! read Fix for Bloggertube slider!


  62. Nude said,

    Amí se me ha caido el slide,antes funcionaba,ya no ¿alguna idea? Gracias


  63. kian said,

    i use this template and its working for my tube blog here take a look


  64. To those who have problem with the slider, I just found out a solution.

    I found a blog where the slider is working and these are the links that you need to use...

    and replace it with -

    and the second code which you need to replace from Edit Html is -

    replace with this one -

    After I changed this the slider is working.

    Chetz Yusof


  65. Hi,
    My one also not working(I did the changes).
    I dont get endofvid in new posts.
    Also no thumbnail,only a mark of video.
    Help me...


  66. Clyde said,

    @ Everyone

    Basically there are too many people leaching the java script files, you will need to host the scripts on your own server or google pages for this template to work effectively..... so those of you who know how to do this go ahead

    those of you who do not watch the video on how to upload a custom blogger template, regards



  67. NEST28 said,



  68. There is no thumbnail of video on my page its just the play button. Just see by youself :

    and The auto slider is not working.

    Please help


  69. Bhavika said,

    @ NEST28 - Please refer to this video link to know more on monetizing your blog using AdSense -

    You need to make the changes in your AdSense account.

    @ jassi majoka - Refer to the above comments to fix the problem, you need to change your javascript files to make the theme work.


  70. guys, help me out here plzz...... aint no thumbnail of any video .... niether no slider working ,......


  71. Bhavika said,

    For all those facing the slider and thumbnail problem, download the template again, the javascript files have been changed, so it should be working fine.

    But it would be better if you can downlaod these files from Edit Html -

    and upload them on a js hosting service of your choice, and replace the links in Edit Html.



  72. Hubble said,

    Got it working!
    Actually the link is not as posted repeatedly here. It is not galleryvideov1.js it is galleryvideo1.js . So the actual link is


  73. jaarsmtd said,

    since blogger doesnt accept it without the code getting parsed...then copy the new code, go to Edit html and paste it under -
    div class='post-body'

    sorry....where can i find div class='post-body'. still i don't know where to paste my adsence code


  74. Clyde said,

    @ jaarsmtd

    search for body and keep checking to see if its the one you are looking for, you have to expand widgets in edit html

    it depends on ur template its mostly before the label code



  75. AZ said,

    Thnx for the template, its awesome..
    How can I increase the spacing between widgets/elements? They are overlapping...


  76. hi i downloaded the template and everything works fine except for the recent post widget...i tried to put the code you gave above but didn't no exactly where to put it..plz help me


  77. Clyde said,

    @ hitesh patel

    please read bhavikas comment on Nov 20th


  78. When I post links of vdos from this blog to facebook,It doesnt show a proper image in the posts.
    How to get proper pictures according to the posts, or else a fixed pic for all posts?


  79. Clyde said,

    @ AZ

    would have let you know if you left the credit links in the footer


  80. Abu Farhan has a download link for the xml template that has all of the JS links updated and as of today the slider and recent posts is working without any other modifications.


  81. L said,

    It's not working my friend ..


  82. Summary is displaying wrong in slider like http://www.

    check this at my newly created blog

    How to link contact page?

    Want to add adsense banner on top after title.

    Anyone have idea?


  83. hello how to change the background colour
    and title font and size


  84. Hi,
    Thnx for the template, its really good one..

    Video Summary is not displaying properly..Check my blog here

    any idea to solve it?


  85. Clyde said,

    @ the makeover mom

    thanks for that

    @ L

    whats not working? did you follow the slider instructions?

    @ Srikanth

    you dont have this temlate on your site

    @ tahir

    please watch


  86. rezuta said,

    just asking.

    do this template work for streaming video embed? I mean if I embed an online video for streaming in my site. Thanks



  87. Clyde said,

    @ rezuta

    no it does not, it only works for youtube videos


  88. Hi Clyde,

    It's working..and i am using the same template..

    In my case, Video Description is not displaying...



  89. Sarah said,

    I can't get the "edit" to work so that I can fix the links I post... Help?


  90. Clyde said,

    @ Sarah

    I dont see the template on your site, are you talking about this one, you can always change links from the edit html if you have a problem


  91. tesanj said,

    I just created a blog, and I used this template, (because I like a lot). But recent videos did not work, reading the comments above, I was able to repair, but I do not know how to fix thumbnail, so if someone can help me and explain how to fix it.(I'm not exactly an expert)
    This is my blog:


  92. Clyde said,


    you need to put text for it to show as a video description, if theres no text how will it show a video description???

    @ tesnaj

    you need to host the javascript files on your own, please watch this video for more details


  93. tesanj said,

    I already did it, and when I click the preview everything works perfectly. But when I save a template, and click to view the blog, everything is as before, as if I did nothing.


  94. Sagar said,

    Not sure whats going on here....Cant see thumbnail view & the Video URL is coming on the page as well....But really the template is really awesome
    Any ideas?


  95. Hi

    Gallery and slider not working after applying template

    Kindly help


  96. Clyde said,

    @ sagar, tesanj

    please read the instructions in the article, the part where you need to download the js and upload it on your own hosting account

    if you do not know how to do that please watch the video


  97. Hi
    video and thumbnail wont show up

    this is how i put my info of the vid

    it seems everything is ok but still no video and thumbnail


  98. Please help me.

    I would really like to use this template but the main video preview does not come up. The previews for all of the smaller videos do but the main one does not.

    Check here

    Neither does the slider work. I have read your fix on this but do not understand what to do with the .js thingy.

    Please can you do a step by step to get this working for me

    Many thanks :)


  99. seriously man, i have watched the video and do not understand this javascript thing. I have my own hosting.... Is this where i have to upload the javascript but how do i find it if all i have is an address.....

    I do not have a clue what this means?

    I know how to upload the template. that is cool but to get my slider working and the preview on the first page is doing my head in?


  100. Anonymous said,

    I've done this on
    Can I hide the video description from the slide?
    Since its displaying "http://www" for the videos which doesnot hav texts.
    I managed to remove it from "recent videos" section.


  101. Mr. Ben said,

    hye clyde.

    Can you help me as I cannot download the js for

    TQ :)


  102. livefoots said,

    Hi Clyde, I still have 'no thumbnail' problem. The slide and the recent posts work well but there is no thumbnail and the video do not run when i click on it (all white). I hosted the .js files here:

    and I replace the link in the template.

    What's wrong?

    Please help me (see my blog:

    Thank alots


  103. quypfiev said,

    For me, the recent video and the slider work well. My problem is: there is no thumbnail and the video do not play when i click on it (all white).
    Please check out for me:

    I applied template and replace all url of .js:

    Please check it for me

    Thank alot


  104. Clyde said,

    @ Mr Ben

    once you open the link click on file -- save as -- in your browser and its downloaded

    or right click on the link and save target as and thats the second method

    @ quypfiev

    please read the post and you will solve your problem....


  105. Clyde said,

    @ Ajustes RK
    you need to upload the .js files as explained in the post above

    @ Theone

    please watch this video to learn how to upload javascripts

    @ blogospherejournal

    yes its possible to do that if you know how to edit the .js file


  106. Clyde said,

    @ theone

    put up more than 1 single video for the slider to have more stuff in it!!!


  107. Thespa said,

    Hmmm....I've not been able to find ths URL's for the javascript in my html code.
    The closest I can find is this...
    ***' type='text/javascript'/
    script type='text/javascript'>google.load("jquery", "1.2.6")
    script src='' type='text/javascript'/***
    I have new hosting for the js codes and I know I have to replace the
    with the new "easyslider" js link but not sure where to put the "gallery" js link.
    I hope this makes any kind of sense. Can you help.


  108. Thespa said,

    Ok, I did get the js script hosted and replaced in the right places and everything looks like it should be working but video isn't appearing in the large video window and now thumbnail. If you click on the post you can see the video play in a tiny box inside the actual post so I know I linked that in right. Is there something else I need to check? I looked through all the comments here and I don't think I missed anything but I could be wrong.
    -Also just wanted to tell you thanks so much for all your help to us out here in blogland. You are a bright star in a dreary and confusing atmosphere!


  109. Thespa said,

    I figured out what was wrong with my slider. Every time I uploaded the "updated" bloggertube template I chose "keep my widgets" in the yellow box above the html code box. This time I chose "delete my widgets" and everything started working for me.
    Maybe this can help someone who can see their video thumbnails and play the videos but the slider won't work. Good luck!


  110. Clyde said,

    @ Thespa

    Thank you so much for putting in the kind words and also the method of how you managed to figure that out, im sure your time taken to come back and put that info has helped a lot of bloggers who still cant get it done!!!!


  111. Successfully working using this template w/o the slider feature.
    Check out of blog,


  112. Hi Clyde, you have a lot of pattience! This template is just great! I just want to know how can I put a jpg logo on the top of my blog. What code shoud I find and change? Thanks!


  113. I can't make the Slideshare part work... I've uploaded both files into my server... can you check? Thanks!


  114. Clyde said,

    @ Expansion Tech

    Nice work

    @ Salada Bit, doesn't the default blogger option in design work?

    @ Lucio,

    update the template with the delete my widgets option and it will work!


  115. I did the updating thing, the slide is better now, it does not show tet in the upper part. However it is still empty. I wish to eliminate the Slide box, dos anyone know how to do that? Thanks!.


  116. Alexander said,

    I don't know why from 7th video my blog can not display thumbs. Help me please!

    My blog:


  117. CAn't believe, is that simple! Thanks, now it's working with my header. Best!


  118. Hello
    this is my blogger tube blog
    Any one add in one post more than one video?
    Answer me thanx and reviews my blog and comment thanx
    i add more than 1 video in one post today


  119. How do i add the pages option some of you guys have at the bottom of the videos like if i have 20 videos how can i have 1 2 3 3 next


  120. Clyde said,

    @ lucio

    you need to reupload the template and delete exisitng widgets for the top slider to start working

    @ muhammad


    @ noel

    you can find how to do that at this link


  121. @ clyde

    how can i interact the contact page and about page i try to make a new page on blogger but it will not work i notice that everybody that has this template leave that empty without a url Do i have to add an external url in order to work?


  122. @Clyde,

    Can you help me to create About and Contact page? I wrote some information using create page by Blogger, but it has been showed in thumbnail. how to get rid of thumbnail template for 'special' page of contact and about?
    Any idea? Pls help


  123. Clyde said,

    @ Noel

    you can place a link where the home about contact is.....

    @ Carp

    it seems to be fine on your blog, where the home about is... if its noit working create a post and date it to the oldest so it doesnt show up onm your site and use that url...


  124. Also I would like to add other pages to the site that are not for my video post. How do I do so???


  125. Hey Clyde, I want to know if the page navigation would work if I had more than 500 posts. I am planning to use this template to create my own commercial blog, but I just want to be sure of it's limitations. Please let me know. Regards. Amit Kumar


  126. Finally I fixed my slider issue. Thanks its working now...Now I'm going to modify this template in a different way...


  127. Clyde said,

    @ goodfellas

    create the page, using the blogger add a page feature and add the link to the menu bar

    @ imtellageek

    i have no clue of the limitation of the page navigation feature


  128. Arambe said,

    hey that "endofvid" and [starttext][endtext] things do not appear in new posts. so i typed them and even so its nor working ! :-(


  129. Hi
    I spent hours to fix it, use all of your trick, but it does not work. Can I delete this slider?
    Please help?
    What code can I delete it?
    Thanks a lot


  130. Clyde said,

    @ every1 with slider problems thanks to abu farhan the js has been updated and should work fine now


    copy paste them ...


  131. Pitty you can only use it for youtube videos.

    I downloaded this template because i wanted to use it for my movie site, and i use EMBED codes from and and, however i can't use these embeds for this template.

    IS there a workaround to make it work?

    Please, help me out



  132. Anonymous said,

    how to enable slideshow and tumbnails?


  133. please help the vidoe's thumbnail is not working


  134. Mr. Lucky said,

    How can I post video from Pl help me fix this.


  135. ADMIN said,

    how i cannot post my video? help me how to post a youtube video from this template


  136. Anonymous said,

    I tried using blogger tube as my template, just for trial. And now this blog is just several days age. But suddenly it looks so terrible. So many image messages from photobucket everywhere, it said that "this image exceeds bandwidth with too many views... bla3x.." Is there anyone get the same problem? How to solve it?
    Here's my blog's address :
    Thank you


  137. Echague said,

    Please help, I have been tweaking almost the whole day but I cant get the Slider Done.

    Please Check:

    any advice on my situation,

    Thanks in advance.


  138. Bhavika said,

    @ 12barblueslover - You have to find the photobucket links from Edit Html, just do Ctrl F, save those images on your desktop and upload them on an image-sharing site and replace the links with the new ones, save the changes. This will work:)


  139. Bhavika said,

    @ Mr. Lucky - This template only supports YouTube videos.

    @ admin - Please follow the instrucitons given above


  140. Bhavika said,

    @ Le Blogger - Please read the comments here, the solution is given above. Cheers!


  141. Bhavika said,

    @ Echague - Pls read the above comments...:) shud fix the problem!


  142. مصري said,

    when sharing a link from from my blog which use bloggertube on facebook

    it appears this thumbnail (

    how can i make it appear thimbnail of the video !!!

    plz help


  143. Thank you I want it thank you :)


  144. Bhavika said,

    @ مصري- Are the thumbnails displaying properly on ur site?


  145. I cant download the template for some reason
    has anyone else had this problem


  146. Bhavika said,

    @ Instant Media - I just downloaded the template, try again! Its not possible


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