Blogger Store

Created for bloggers who want to start an e-commerce or shopping site, Blogger Store is a professional looking template compatible with Paypal or Google Checkout

  • Animated shopping cart
  • Dual dropdown menu bar
  • Automatic featured content carousel
  • Grid and list style post view
Blogger store shopping blogger template

Lightroom Photo Blog Template

A beautiful photo blog template that displays photos in gallery format and is available in two styles basic and advanced

  • Switchable background
  • Attractive theme font
  • Integrated social media icons
  • Left sidebar and navigation menu
Lightroom Photo Blog Template


Magazine style theme adapted from wordpress

  • Featured slider section
  • Dual menu bar
  • Tabbed widget
  • 4 column footer
Magpress Magazine style Blog Template


A simple theme with a clean layout

  • Full width featured slider
  • 4 column footer
  • Social widgets integrated
Sens Blogger template

Pop Out Social Bookmarking Widget

A nice-looking pop out social bookmarking widget that allows readers to share their favorite post easily

  • Neat display
  • Easy to install
Add pop out social bookmarking widget for blogger

Holiday Blogger Template edit post

Posted by Bhavika On Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Keeping up with the holiday season we have Template Holiday, an original creation of Templates Novo Blogger. The 2 column theme has a neat layout and some interesting features.
Holiday Blogger Template
The template starts with the menu bar on top to display your categories. To place the links on the left, look for the following snippet in Edit Html:

<!-- Menu Esquerda -->

<ul class='left'>
<li><a href=''>Home</a></li>
<li><a href='URL HERE'>Sobre</a></li>
<li><a href='URL HERE'>Templates</a></li>
<li><a href='URL HERE'>Contato</a></li>

To place your links on the right side of the menu bar, search for the following code in Edit Html and add the relevant links -
Para colocar os links à direita do menu:

<!-- Menu Direita -->
<ul class='right'>
<li><a href=''>Posts</a></li>
<li><a href='URL HERE'>Comments</a></li>
<li><a href='URL HERE'>Feeds</a></li>

The header, which appears below the menu bar, is divided, so you can insert your blog title and description on the left and have a banner ad on the right. Template Holiday allows you to highlight some of your posts, by adding images with title, a brief description and a link to the post.

While in the main column each post appears in a summarised format with the default automatic read more feature. The post contains labels/tags below the headline and comments at the end of the post.

The sidebar consists of various blogger widgets, which you can add or remove as per your choice. There is also an internal search box and default widgets like About Me, Blog Roll, Labels, Archives etc.

Download the Holiday Blogger Template
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11 Response to "Holiday Blogger Template"

  1. This template is lovely and I use it but keep getting error messages. How do I edit this xml to personalise bits without getting errors?


  2. Clyde said,

    @ newsy chic

    perhaps you should tell me what you are trying to do and the exact error message that you are getting maybe i would be in the state to help you better then


  3. I'm clearly soo late seeing your response. Don't worry, I figured it all out and now my blog looks lovely.



  4. Cagneuk said,

    Hi I really like this template and am trying to use it for my personal blog but I'm having a bit of trouble. I've created an about me page in blogger which I have set a link to at the top but that page only shows the first few lines of text even when clicking on read more. the home page read more option works ok. any ideas?
    thanks in advance


  5. Bhavika said,

    @ Cagneuk - Your About Me page seems to be working fine. You have fixed it I guess. Cheers!


  6. Hi, how can I change the blue line? I saw that in the zip file there is a gray line option, but cannot figure out where that image is located to change it. Thanks!


  7. Clyde said,

    @ estefania

    glad you managed to do it, cheers!


  8. Ton Ami said,

    Hello, I want to use this template for my blog but the header area don't seem to work. Instead of the blue header as seen the preview, all I am seeing is TINYPIC IMAGE OR VIDEO HAS BEEN DELTED. I also realized that there's same problem on the blogspots you used for the tutorial in this post. I mean,


  9. Miranda said,

    This looks great on my blog. How do I get rid of the related posts located after the blog posts? I would like to use my link within widget instead. Thanks!


  10. Clyde said,

    @ mirANDA
    Hi miranda

    you would need to get into the edit html and look for the related posts widget and replace it with your link within code... shouldn't be too tough


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