Blogger Store

Created for bloggers who want to start an e-commerce or shopping site, Blogger Store is a professional looking template compatible with Paypal or Google Checkout

  • Animated shopping cart
  • Dual dropdown menu bar
  • Automatic featured content carousel
  • Grid and list style post view
Blogger store shopping blogger template

Lightroom Photo Blog Template

A beautiful photo blog template that displays photos in gallery format and is available in two styles basic and advanced

  • Switchable background
  • Attractive theme font
  • Integrated social media icons
  • Left sidebar and navigation menu
Lightroom Photo Blog Template


Magazine style theme adapted from wordpress

  • Featured slider section
  • Dual menu bar
  • Tabbed widget
  • 4 column footer
Magpress Magazine style Blog Template


A simple theme with a clean layout

  • Full width featured slider
  • 4 column footer
  • Social widgets integrated
Sens Blogger template

Pop Out Social Bookmarking Widget

A nice-looking pop out social bookmarking widget that allows readers to share their favorite post easily

  • Neat display
  • Easy to install
Add pop out social bookmarking widget for blogger

Dark Forest Blogger Theme edit post

Posted by Bhavika On Monday, May 04, 2009
Here's a new blogger theme called Dark Forest, created by an Indian company Ray Creations. They seem to be relatively new in the designing field, but they have created some interesting blogger templates. Dark Forest Blogger Theme
As the name suggests, Dark Forest is a 2 column template with nature as its main theme. The header has a beautiful landscape picture, where you can add your blog title and description. On the top right corner there is space to add your Comments and Posts RSS.

The two columns appear on a blue background with floral designs on top, and then the main column has a white background, on top of the blue. Next to the post headline is a neat calender icon for the date, and below it is the labels and comments icon.

The sidebar, which has a brownish background, starts with a search box and its designed in a way like its clipped to the sidebar. Then you can add the section you like, the default ones are welcome note, archives and labels. Each headline has a flowery design as its icon that looks quite pretty.

If you have a personal blog or a nature blog, then you might want to consider using this theme.

Download the Dark Forest Blogger Theme
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12 Response to "Dark Forest Blogger Theme"

  1. MeMorY said,

    awesome! great job!


  2. Jenna said,

    can we put our own pic as the header??


  3. Clyde said,

    @ jenna

    yes its possible you need to find it in the edit html it will be in the css in the header section


  4. Anonymous said,

    I have a problem with the display of the date I get an undefined, how do I not have?

    Also, I would like that the title is not here but I can continue to have a link to my blog this is possible?

    Is it normal that I lost the taskbar as a blogger to add new messages or even connect?

    Here is the address of my blog under construction


  5. Bhavika said,

    @ Milianna - change your TIME STAMP FORMAT to Day Month and Year, it will begin to show the appropriate date instead of undefined. If I understood you correctly, you dont want the blog title in the header but you want your blog link instead, of course tht is possible, go to Settings, Basic and put the url instead of the title. Oh yes, its cool to not have ur navbar, I dont have it on any of my blogs :)


  6. Hi there! I am now using this template in my blogspot/blogger site.I just changed the color of the font on my sidebar.

    I love it, thanks for sharing!


  7. anna said,

    I loved the design, layout, colour, it's so me!

    but, it's a shame the navbar is not optional because I would prefer to have it and make new posts without going through my dashboard. (if anyone knows how to make is visible please let me know).

    also lost the quick edit option at the bottom of each post, which means a similar hassle.


  8. anna said,

    if anyone knows how to put back in the quick edit for your posts, please let me know!

    I found that if you want to put the navbar back in then go to the html, find where it says:

    /*-- (Hiding the navbar) --*/
    #navbar-iframe {

    and cut out this text:



  9. Bhavika said,

    @ Anna - Here you go, to add quick edit to your posts -


  10. DyoseFina said,

    how do i get back to my dashboard


  11. Clyde said,

    @ Dyose all you need to do is go to blogger and sign in and youll see your dashboard


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